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Invest your family’s valuable future with your Hometown Realtors at Plank Road Realty.  Satisfying customers with their best interest in mind is our business. Selling Real Estate in a trustworthy manner is our profession. Call Don Scarborough, Russell Sikes, Johnny Cox, Caty Edwards or Jeremy Taylor for all of your Real Estate needs.

The name Plank Road comes from the old plank road system that connected communities during the 1840’s and 1850’s. These roads, sometimes called “farmers roads,” consisted of planks or boards nailed on log foundations over dirt roadways usually eight feet wide. Built for wagons, plank roads encouraged trade and were a boost to the economies of communities all across the US, including this region of North Carolina.

In 1978, Don Scarborough suggested Plank Road as an appropriate name for the Scarborough family’s new shopping center on Highway 74 in Wadesboro, NC.  Although the Scarborough Hardware closed in 2002, Plank Road Center remains a center of commerce in Wadesboro.

When Don established his real estate company in Wadesboro in 1984, he chose to carry on the Plank Road name. Since 1984, Plank Road Realty has become synonymous with integrity in business, expert knowledge of the real estate market in this region and superior service to its real estate customers.


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